About the Treasurer

The Treasurer’s Primary Functions


The Treasurer has a responsibility to ensure all monies received by Blaine County are deposited and accounted for in a timely manner. He is in charge of investing idle funds and ensuring there is adequate money available for the county to meet financial obligations. It is also the Treasurer’s duty to collect property taxes on behalf of schools, cities, and other districts.

Tax Collector

It is the Tax Collector’s obligation to collect and account for all of Blaine County’s property taxes.

Public Administrator

The Public Administrator has the duty to administer the estates of decedents for whom no personal representative is appointed; the estates of decedents with whom there are no known heirs; estates ordered by the court and estates to which the State of Idaho is an heir.

Meet the Treasurer

John David Davidson

John David

From the wilderness of the Sawtooth Mountains to the waters of the Magic Reservoir, Blaine County provides an abundance of activity to excite any outdoor enthusiast. Growing up in Ketchum, John David experienced firsthand these marvels, and from a young age enjoyed skiing, biking, hiking, camping, and fishing. These passions, along with the incredible people who live and work in the area are just a few of the many highlights that have kept the Wood River High School graduate here in the valley.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree from, and working for, Whitman College, John David returned to Blaine County in 2013 to work with developmentally disadvantaged youth in the public schools. Simultaneously, he cofounded a local pet food company that works with farmers and ranchers in the region. During his tenure as Treasurer of Blaine County, John David has also served as the Treasurer and Vice President of the Idaho Association of County Treasurers, and is currently serving as the President of the Association. He also has served on the Environment, Energy and Land Use Committee, the Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, as well as the Public Lands Committee for the Idaho Association of Counties.

John David is honored with the opportunity to serve the taxpayers of Blaine County and is committed to ensuring the public’s trust in the demonstration of fiscal accountability and effective management of Blaine County’s resources. By focusing on providing exceptional and professional customer service, efficiency in operations, cost effective decision making, and prudent and practical investment strategies, John David believes that the Treasurer’s Office can continue to provide and improve upon the services provided to the people of this wonderful County.

 Community Service

The Blaine County Treasurer’s Office believes that the strength of our county rests upon the shoulders of its citizens. We want to foster community involvement by helping to create an environment where strong families and friendships can grow alongside economic opportunities and growth. By teaching our children the importance of public works and services, while also empathizing the importance of accountability and responsibility, we can instill within them the value and meaning of “community” and provide a solid platform from which our children can stand and face the challenges of tomorrow.

The Treasurer’s Office is proud to work with several youth groups in Blaine County. In our work with students, we demonstrate how public service employees work to better our community while also providing insight and avenues for how they too can do the same. We have been a part of the Blaine County School District’s “Wood River Works” program, the Sage School’s “Public Sector Work Study Project,” and have also worked with local Cub Scouts to help Blaine County students establish a positive vision of community.