Parental Involvement

The Blaine County Juvenile Probation Department encourages and expects parental involvement in their child’s lives and these expectations include: 

•    Active parenting and supervision of your child.

•    Active participation in your child’s case plan while they are on probation or diversion

•    Open/Honest communication with others that are helping your child make positive changes

•    Ensuring that financial obligations are met

•    Active participation in education, counseling, and activities that are recommended 

The Search Institute has identified the building blocks that all children need to succeed, and also reduce the likelihood that children will engage in high risk behavior.  These include: 

•           Positive Family Communication

•           Parental Involvement in Schooling

•           Service to Others

•           Positive Peer Influence

•           High Expectations

•           Creative Activities

•           Involvement in Youth Programs

•           School Engagement

•           Homework 

Your involvement and support of your child CAN make a difference!!

More information can be found at The Search Institute.