Blaine County's Transparent Idaho Profile

  • Data on Transparent Idaho is updated once annually and includes county revenue and expenditure data budgeted yearly and approved by county leadership. More information about Transparent Idaho’s county-level data can be found here: Transparent Idaho. Important note: All counties have unique factors that impact their ability to collect revenue or how they must expend funds. Some counties have a greater population, square mileage, or even various amounts of federal land. These factors may impact the revenues and expenditures within the county and should be taken into consideration when viewing the data to ensure a full picture. Additionally, in an effort to make it easier for viewers to compare data between counties, Transparent Idaho uses categories that may not precisely match categories that a county uses for budget presentations or for financial audits.

Blaine County's ClearGov Profile

  • ClearGov presents Blaine County’s financial information in an easy-to-understand infographic format to communicate the county’s financial story to the public. Data is updated on a regular quarterly basis.