Detention Center

Public Safety FacilityPublic Safety Facility

The Blaine County Detention Center is a 36,000 square foot state of the art facility with a total of 90 inmate beds.

  • 66 General Population Beds divided into 4 pods
  • Minimum, Medium, and Maximum Security Classifications
  • 20 Work Release Beds in Segregated Dorms
  • 4 Segregated Juveniles Holding Beds

The Blaine County Detention Facility offers modern new technology to assist inmates and visitors and ensure safety and security for all.

Who Is in Our Jail

  • Inmates from every law enforcement agency in Blaine County
  • Offenders just arrestedInside of Jail
  • Offenders awaiting trial
  • Offenders serving sentences 
  • Juvenile Inmates up to 48 hours
  • Inmates from other jurisdictions that require housing
  • Inmates awaiting transfer to the Idaho Department of Corrections housing

Detention Deputy Duties

Being a Deputy in the Blaine County Detention Facility is a highly skilled profession for which deputies receive continual specialized training. Detention Deputies perform a long list of interesting and challenging duties daily. A typical shift may include:

  • Booking and/or Releasing Multiple Inmates
  • Processing Inmates in and out for the Work Release Program
  • Assessing Inmates for Security Classifications
  • Processing Legal and Financial Documents
  • Supervising Inmates in Video Arraignment in our Facility and in the Actual Courtroom
  • Controlling Inmate SafetyInside of a Jail Cell
  • Performing Routine Security Checks
  • Providing Suicide Watch every 15 Minutes when needed
  • Supervising Meal Delivery three times a day
  • Supervising Inmate Workers
  • Managing Clothing, Property and Hygiene Supply Exchange
  • Ensuring Inmates Receive Medical, Dental and Mental Health Screenings through our Licensed Providers
  • Transporting Inmates to and from Other Facilities
  • Provide Courtroom and Jury Security

Most importantly, our Detention Deputies provide safety and security for all the inmates, staff, visitors, and citizens of Blaine County. We believe in treating every inmate with dignity and respect while protecting public safety.

Jail Rules & RegulationsFront Desk Area

Detailed and bilingual listings of the Blaine County Detention Center’s Inmate Handbook Rules and Regulations Orientation Information is available below in English and Spanish:


The Blaine County Detention Center, in compliance with the Idaho Prison Rape Elimination Act, has a policy to ensure that allegations of sexual abuse, assault or harassment are properly referred for investigation to an agency with the legal authority to conduct criminal investigations as soon as possible after the report is made. 

The Blaine County Detention Center will receive and respond to third party reports of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in an expedient and efficient way.  Third party reports may be done verbally or in writing and may be submitted to any of the following:  

(1)    On duty staff member

(2)    On duty supervisor

(3)    Administration

(4)    Medical or Mental Health Personnel

(5)    Investigators

(6)    IPREA Coordinator