Court Phone Scam

The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office is receiving numerous calls from local citizens stating they have been contacted by a “Lieutenant Jerry Mills,” claiming to be with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Department and informing citizens they have warrants issued for their arrest by Judge Robert Elgee for failure to appear for jury duty. "Lieutenant Mills" tells citizens that their fines range anywhere from $250 to $5,700. Using knowledge of a spouse’s name and their current address, "Mills" explains that their spouse previously signed for a certified letter weeks ago notifying them of the jury summons. "Mills" asks them to purchase a “green dot card” with the specified fine amount charged to the card. Once returned to him, he will have the warrant eliminated.

Please be aware this is a phone scam and there is no "Lieutenant Jerry Mills" employed by the Blaine County Sheriff's Office. We do not request money over the phone or offer to "take care" of warrants. Real warrants must be dealt with through the court system. If you receive a call from 208-270-3310 or anyone asking you to send them money to get rid of a warrant, please contact the Blaine County Sheriff's Office Detective Unit at 208-788-5515 to report it. This scam is currently under investigation.