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Beginning July 1, 2023 all new voter registrations will need to provide one of the approved proof of residence documents in order to complete the registration process.

If your residence address does not match the record on your driver’s license your application will not be complete until this requirement is satisfied. Valid photo identification and proof of residence documents are listed below.


Registered voters must present a valid photo ID at the polls in order to vote. If you are not able to show an acceptable ID, you are given the option to sign a Personal Identification Affidavit.

• Current Idaho driver’s license or identification card

• Current U.S. Passport or Federal photo Identification card

• Current Tribal Identification card

• Current concealed weapons license issued by a County Sherriff in Idaho


If you register to vote after July 1, 2023 and your residence address does not match the record on your driver’s license, you must provide one of the following documents to your county elections office or at the polls in order to complete the registration process.

• Any of the above photo IDs with correct residence address

• Current proof of insurance

• Deed of trust, mortgage, lease or rental agreement

• A property tax assessment, bill, or receipt

• A utility bill, excluding a cellular telephone bill

• A bank or credit card statement

• A paystub, paycheck, or government-issued check

• An intake document from a residential care or assisted living facility Enrollment papers issued for the current school year by a high school, or an accredited institution of higher education located within the state of Idaho.

• A communication on letterhead from a public or private social service agency registered with the secretary of state verifying the applicant is homeless and attesting to the applicant’s residence for registration purposes.


As outlined in Idaho Statute §34-1114, a registered voter may sign a Personal Identification Affidavit in lieu of presenting photo identification.

If a voter is not able to show an acceptable ID, the voter will be given the option to sign the Personal Identification Affidavit.

On the Affidavit, the voter swears to his/her identity under penalty of perjury, a felony under Idaho Statute §34-1114.

After signing the Affidavit, the voter will be issued a ballot to be tabulated with all other ballots.