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A thumbnail image of a chart describing all the different kinds of materials that can be recycled in Blaine County and the locations where items may be taken.


Our mission is to provide an environmentally sound and cost-effective recycling program and to improve recycling through education and outreach.

Blaine County has multi-stream recycling, which means all recyclable products need to be separated and put in their appropriate bins at the curbside or recycling locations. To learn more about the items that can be recycled, visit Curbside and Drop-Off Recycling. At the curbside, the following materials can be recycled:

  • Copy Paper & Newspaper
  • Aluminum & Tin
  • Plastics #1-5 (no black plastic)

Click here to download the handy one-page guide (above) to learn more about the many ways to recycle in Blaine County.


Clear Creek Disposal provides curbside recycling collection services. Contact Clear Creek Disposal to schedule curbside recycling collection services. Services are provided for single-family, multifamily, and commercial customers. There is no extra charge beyond regular waste collection services. Though any sturdy box or bin would suffice, Blue Bins can be purchased directly from Clear Creek Disposal.


The Recycle Center sorts, bales, and ships the materials to processors. Drop-off locations and the Recycle Center accept a range of materials. Corrugated cardboard and glass are accepted at drop-off locations. Plastic film, electronics, batteries, and household hazardous waste are a few of the materials accepted at the Recycle Center. Learn more about recycling locations and the full spectrum of materials that can be recycled:


In 2021, Blaine County diverted 2,171 tons of recyclable materials from the landfill. The EPA has set a national 50% recycling rate goal by 2030. The current recycling rate for MSW in Blaine County is 15%. In 2021, the SISW published its Waste Characterization Report 2020/2021. In Blaine County, more than 40% of materials currently being landfilled are readily recyclable including food waste, yard trimmings, compostable wood waste, paper and cardboard, plastics, metal, and glass.

The study offers insight on opportunities for improving recycling in our community. In 2022/2023, the county will analyze the feasibility of improving our recycling program and identify specific opportunities for expanding our circular economy.


Blaine County is committed to moving our economy toward a more circular system with several desired outcomes regarding the economy. Blaine County Comprehensive Plan goals aim to optimize the value of regional resource streams through the following action-based goals:

  1. Increase the countywide recycling rate to 50% by 2030.
  2. Expand public education on recycling to reduce contamination of recyclables.
  3. Provide new or expanded recycling opportunities that limit the amount of trash transported to the Milner Butte Landfill.
  4. Offer options for recycling building materials.
  5. Facilitate expanded green waste and food waste composting