Victim Services

VINE Idaho Statewide Service Number:

(866) 984-6343

What is VINE?

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is Idaho's automated victim notification service. Sponsored by the Idaho Sheriff's Association, it provides information through the VINELink website about the custody status of offenders in Idaho prisons and jails. Victims of crime can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding their offender's custody status and register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when their offender's custody status changes. You may register through this website or by calling 1-866-984-6343.

VINE is a free service offered by the State of Idaho. 


Telephone Registration

You can use the telephone to search for and register to receive notification about the custody status of an offender -- each state/county has their own toll-free VINE phone number.

Web Registration 

You can search for and register to receive notification about the custody status of an offender via VINELink at 

For more information about VINE, including state/county toll-free numbers, please go to

Where is VINE available? 

VINE is currently available in 46 states. If the inmate for whom you’re searching is in custody at a corrections facility that participates in VINE, you should be able to locate custody information on VINELink ( 

Do I subscribe to or pay for this service?

VINELink is not a paid service. It is completely FREE to the public.

We are aware of other services that ask you to “subscribe to” or “pay for” their information.

We assure you, we are in no way affiliated with those services.


How do I search for an offender and register to receive notification using VINELink?

Please note that you may register to receive notification for custody status changes only for offenders currently in custody.

To use VINELink to search for an offender in custody, please follow these steps:

1. Go to

2. Click on the state in which the offender is housed.

3. Choose the Search & Register tab across the top of the navigation page.

4. Select the Facility or Facilities that you would like to search, type in the Offender Identification number or the full Last Name and at least the first initial of the First Name, then click Search.

5. Verify the information for the offender that matches the person for whom you search.

To use VINELink to register to receive notification about changes in an offender’s custody status, please follow these steps:

1. Complete steps 1 through 5 above.

2. Click on the magnifying glass icon under the Register/Details column next to the appropriate offender.

3. On the Offender Details screen, choose your Method of Registration, then click Continue.

4. Complete the required information for registration.

5. Click Register.


Why can’t I access VINELink?

If you’re having trouble accessing VINELink, you may need to clear your browser cookies and temporary Internet files. To do this:

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools, Internet Options. The General tab appears.

2. In the Browsing History section, click the Delete button. The Delete Browsing History screen appears.

3. In the Temporary Internet Files section, click the Delete Files button. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.4. In the Cookies section, click the Delete Cookies button. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

5. Click Close, then click OK to exit the Internet Options screen.

6. Restart your browser and try to access VINELink

If this does not resolve your issue then you may need to add VINELink to your Internet Explorer browser’s Trusted Site list using the following steps:

1. Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools, Internet Options.

2. Click the Security tab, click on Trusted sites, then click the Sites button.

3. In the Add this website to the zone: box, type, click Close,and OK.4. Restart your browser and try to access VINELink.

If this does not resolve your issue, please contact our service center directly for further assistance.

Note: The service center phone number is listed at the home page of each state’s site.


What web browsers does VINELink support?

VINELink supports the following web browsers: Internet Explorer (IE) 6.0 & 7.0 and Firefox 2.0.


Why can’t I find a particular offender?

VINELink provides information regarding offenders who are currently in custody or who may have been recently released from custody.

If you do not find the person for whom you search, please call the facility where you believe the offender to be housed and inquire about the status of his/her custody.


What does ‘non-participating county’ mean?

VINE is available in 42 states through various different types of agreements. Even in ‘statewide’ programs, not each and every county participates in the VINE program. Some counties do not have jail facilities and therefore do not report any information. In other states, individual counties support their own contract for VINE. If you do not see your county listed, then it is currently a non-participating county. Please contact your local jail for offender information.


How do I locate information about a Federal inmate?

VINE does not receive information regarding federal inmates. However, the Bureau of Prison’s website,, has an “Inmate Locator” that provides information on any Federal Inmate.


How frequently do you receive offender information?

Our standard transaction time is every 15 minutes for jails and twice each day for prisons. This may vary depending upon the jail activity and the resources the facility has on site to update the data. Most always, the data is current within 15 minutes.

However, if you have reason to believe the data is out of date, you should call the jail directly for an update and invoke your personal safety plan. Do not depend solely on VINE or any other program for your safety.


Is Charge and Warrant information available on VINELink?

VINE does not receive charge information from all facilities and therefore it is not always available to be displayed on VINELink. We recommend that you call the facility in which you believe the offender is housed and inquire about the charges for the offender.

VINE does not track outstanding warrants. However, Appriss, provider of the VINE service, is working directly with several states to provide VINE Protective Order, a product that allows PO petitioners to receive notification when the warrant is served.


Can you remove or change offender information on your website?

VINE – Victim Information and Notification Everyday is funded and provided by local and state agencies for the purpose of notifying victims upon a change in their offender’s custody status. We provide this service as a third party and do not have the ability to remove or alter offender data in the database.However, we work closely with the agencies to ensure data integrity and accuracy. If you have found incorrect data on the VINELink site, please call your local Department of Correction or jail facility to report the inaccuracy to them directly so that they might make the change in their database as appropriate.


Why did I not receive notification on my AOL address?

First, please verify that your email address is correctly registered with VINE for the inmate in which you are seeking notification.

It’s possible that VINE email notifications could be perceived as “spam” by AOL. Please verify that your Mail Controls are not blocking VINE’s email address or domain. The email notifications will come from You may also want to add this address to your address book to ensure that VINE mail is allowed to be delivered. Also, please check your spam folder to ensure your spam filters have not caught any mail incorrectly.


What is the ‘Caller ID’ number and ‘Sender Email’ address?

When you receive a notification from VINE, you will see the following telephone number on your caller ID: 502-213-2798. If you register for email notification, you will receive a message from the following email address:


Are offender photos on VINELink?

VINELink now has the ability to display offender photos. This is a configurable option and your particular state and/or agency may or may not have this feature enabled at this time.


How do I stop receiving unwanted notification calls?

Please call the toll-free number associated with the state where the offender is being housed and select the option to speak with an operator. Please provide the state in which the offender is housed, as well as the phone number that is being called. With this information we’ll be able to research the problem and assist with getting the notification calls stopped.


Can I find historical data on an offender?

VINE - Victim Information and Notification Everyday, tracks an offender’s in-custody status and date of release only. Historical data is not available. Offenders are deleted from our database usually within two weeks of release.


Does VINELink support Spanish web content?

Yes. VINELink supports Spanish web content on the National Resources Tab. VINELink also supports Spanish at the state level. This is a configurable option and your particular state and/or agency may or may not have this feature enabled at this time.























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