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Warning: The information in the sex offender registries is provided only for the purpose of protecting the public. It is not to be used for the purpose of harassing or intimidating anyone. A person who uses registry information to commit a criminal act against another person is subject to arrest and prosecution under section 18-8326 or 18-8413, Idaho Code.


Idaho Statutes



State Policy
Idaho Code §18-8302. The legislature finds that sexual offenders present a significant risk of re-offense and that efforts of law enforcement agencies to protect their communities, conduct investigations and quickly apprehend offenders who commit sexual offenses are impaired by the lack of current information available about individuals who have been convicted of sexual offenses who live within their jurisdiction. The legislature further finds that providing public access to certain information about convicted sexual offenders assists parents in the protection of their children. Such access further provides a means for organizations that work with youth or other vulnerable populations to prevent sexual offenders from threatening those served by the organizations. Finally, public access assists the community in being observant of convicted sexual offenders in order to prevent them from recommitting sexual crimes. Therefore, this state’s policy is to assist efforts of local law enforcement agencies to protect communities by requiring sexual offenders to register with local law enforcement agencies and to make certain information about sexual offenders available to the public as provided in this chapter.

Idaho Code 18-8307

(1) Registration shall consist of a form provided by the department and approved by the attorney general, which shall be signed by the offender and shall require the information set forth in subsection (1) of section 18-8305, Idaho Code.

(2) At the time of registration, the sheriff shall obtain a photograph and fingerprints, in a manner approved by the department, and require the offender to provide full palm print impressions of each hand. A violent sexual predator shall pay a fee of fifty dollars ($50.00) to the sheriff at the time of the first calendar quarter registration and ten dollars ($10.00) per registration every subsequent quarter in the same calendar year. All other offenders shall pay an annual fee of eighty dollars ($80.00) to the sheriff for registration. The sheriff may waive the registration fee if the violent sexual predator or other offender demonstrates indigency. The fees collected under this section shall be used by the sheriff to defray the costs of violent sexual predator and other sexual offender registration and verification and for electronic notification, law enforcement information sharing and tracking. Irrespective of the classification or designation of the offender or predator, each county shall cause forty dollars ($40.00) per offender per year of the fees collected under this section to be used for development, continuous use and maintenance of a statewide electronic notification, information sharing and tracking system as implemented by the Idaho sheriffs’ association.

(3) The sheriff shall forward the completed and signed form, photograph, fingerprints and palm prints to the department within three (3) working days of the registration.
(a)  The official conducting the registration shall ensure that the notification form is complete and that the offender has read and signed the form.
(b)  No person subject to registration shall furnish false or misleading information when complying with registration and notification requirements of this chapter.
(a) Within two (2) working days of coming into any county to establish residence, an offender shall register with the sheriff of the county. The offender thereafter shall register annually, unless the offender is designated as a violent sexual predator, in which case the offender shall register with the sheriff every three (3) months as provided in this section. If the offender intends to reside in another jurisdiction, the offender shall register in the other jurisdiction within two (2) days of moving to that jurisdiction and will not be removed from the sexual offender registry in Idaho until registration in another jurisdiction is complete.
(b)  A nonresident required to register pursuant to section 18-8304(1)(b), Idaho Code, shall register with the sheriff of the county where employed or enrolled as a student within two (2) working days of the commencement of employment or enrollment as a student in an educational institution, provided that nonresidents employed in counseling, coaching, teaching, supervising or working with minors in any way, regardless of the period of employment, must register prior to the commencement of such employment.
(5)  Registration shall be conducted as follows:
(a)  For violent sexual predators the department shall mail a nonforwardable notice of quarterly registration to the offender’s last reported address within three (3) months following the last registration;
(b)  For all other sex offenders the department shall mail an annual, nonforwardable notice of registration to the offender’s last reported address;
(c)  Within five (5) days of the mailing date of the notice, the offender shall appear in person at the office of the sheriff in the county in which the offender is required to register for the purpose of completing the registration process;
(d)  If the notice is returned to the department as not delivered, the department shall inform the sheriff with whom the offender last registered of the returned notice.
(6) All written notifications of duty to register as provided herein shall include a warning that it is a felony as provided in section 18-8327, Idaho Code, for an offender to accept employment in any day care center, group day care facility or family day care home, as those terms are defined in chapter 11, title 39, Idaho Code, or to be upon or to remain on the premises of a day care center, group day care facility or family day care home while children are present, other than to drop off or pick up the offender’s child or children.
(7) An offender shall keep the registration current for the full registration period. The full registration period is for life; however, offenders may petition for release from the full registration period as set forth in section 18-8310, Idaho Code.


(1) If an offender subject to registration changes his or her name, street address or actual address, employment or student status, the offender shall appear in person within two (2) working days after the change at the office of the sheriff of the county where the offender is required to register and notify the sheriff of all changes in the information required for that offender in the sex offender registry. Provided however, nonresidents employed in this jurisdiction in counseling, coaching, teaching, supervising or working with minors in any way, regardless of the period of employment, shall register before the commencement of such employment. 
(2)  An offender required to register shall immediately notify the department of any lodging lasting seven (7) days or more, regardless of whether the lodging would be considered a residence as defined in section18-8303, Idaho Code. The department shall immediately notify the jurisdiction in which the lodging will occur if different than the jurisdiction in which the offender is required to register.
(3)  An offender required to register shall immediately notify the department of any changes in his or her vehicle information and of any changes in designations used for self-identification or routing in internet communications or postings or telephonic communications.
For Additional Information please see Idaho Code.
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