Special Assignments


The Patrol Division of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office also fields certain specialty assignments, including our Detective Unit, Narcotics Enforcement Team, Police Assistance League (PAL), or SERT, and task forces for certain crimes and activities.


The Blaine County Detective Unit is made up of trained officers who are assigned to any case that requires extensive investigation for resolution. Hazmat suits Abaid & KristenThe Detective Unit works with the uniformed Patrol Division Supervisory Officers on matters of joint concern to successfully investigate and arrest individuals who have committed a serious crime. These include major cases such as homicides, robberies, aggravated or sexual assaults, burglaries, and rapes, or follow up on cases initiated by the Patrol Division. On larger cases the Detective Unit leads the coordination of a multi-agency task force. They are responsible for a wide variety of tasks which include processing all evidence, fingerprints and photographs collected at a major crime scene, interviewing subjects and background investigations. The Detective Unit works closely with the Blaine County Prosecutor’s Office, coordinating efforts to successfully prosecute crime in our county.


The Narcotics Enforcement Team or “N.E.T.” of Blaine County is a investigative inter-agency team of law enforcement officers that focuses on all types of drug related crimes. Boock drug bust seizures 052015NET has brought more than 1.2 million dollars into the Sheriff’s budget through drug forfeiture funds which are used to enhance our equipment and training needs. The unit has conducted investigations on all types of drug traffickers from large to small, resulting in the seizures of large amounts of drugs, money and property from traffickers. The resulting drug forfeiture funds finance future lengthy drug investigations which allows the team to make a difference in our local battle against drugs. Any individuals that would like to cooperate, assist or provide information to the Narcotics Enforcement Team should contact NET at (208)578-3837. Your information and assistance is greatly needed in the fight against drugs in our valley.


The Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team, known as the SERT team, is a multi-agency cooperative effort comprised of members of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, Ketchum Police, and the Sun Valley Police designed to respond to emergency situations. SERT annual photo 2013SERT was created in the 1980’s after the Odiaga shooting spree in Ketchum made county law enforcement aware of the need for a joint approach to major crime. Operating under the authority of the Sheriff, this team of highly trained and motivated professionals provides tactical response to the most violent and dangerous high risk critical incidents in our county with the main goal of protecting innocent lives and safeguarding property. Since its inception our SERT team has responded to many high risk call outs and has been able to have a successful conclusion to all incidents. SERT’s exceptional rate of success can be partially attributed to their readiness factor. The SERT team actively trains to be ready in any situation including the use of special weapons and tactics both lethal and non-lethal, the serving high risk warrants of arrest, dealing with barricaded gunmen, active shooters, or hostage situations.

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