Fees and Bonding Information


A payment Kiosk operated by Telmate is located in the Jail Lobby which allows friends and family to deposit funds into an inmate’s account through a banking service. Accepting cash, credit or debit, the Kiosk accepts payments for inmate trust accounts, prepaid phone accounts, housing fees, fingerprint fees, medical fees and civil fees. All Kiosk services are in English and Spanish. To avoid inconvenience to family or friends who may be driving long distances solely to put funds on an inmate’s account, payments may be made at any of the following facilities with Telmate Kiosks for Blaine County inmates however you must be sure to select the facility that the inmate is actually being held at in order for the funds to be usable in their account:

  • Ada County Jail
  • Bannock County Jail
  • Bingham County Jail
  • Bonner County Jail
  • Bonneville County Jail
  • Canyon County Jail
  • Caribou County Jail
  • Elmore County Jail
  • Fremont County Jail
  • Gooding County Jail
  • Jerome County Jail
  • Kootenai County Jail
  • Latah County Jail
  • Madison County Jail
  • Mini-Cassia Justice Center
  • Owyhee County Jail
  • Payette County Jail
  • Power County Jail
  • Shoshone County Jail
  • Twin Falls County Jail
  • Washington County Jail
  • Ft. Hall Jail
  • Ada Juvenile Detention Center
  • District 1 Juvenile Detention Center
  • 3B Juvenile Detention Center
  • Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center

For more information visit www.gettingout.com or by call (866)516-0115


All incarcerated Blaine County inmates are charged $25 per day housing fee pursuant to Idaho State Law to assist the county with incarceration costs. Inmates from other counties who wish to serve their time here if allowed by the sentencing court and accepted by our facility are charged a $35 per day housing fee. These daily fees pertain to any part of a day spent incarcerated in the Blaine County Jail. Additionally, all non-indigent inmates are also charged for all of their in-custody medical expenses.


The Blaine County Sheriff’s Work Release Program is designed to allow low risk offenders the ability to maintain their employment while still serving their sentences thereby reducing the risk of escalation of criminal activities. Security classification protocols are in place to provide inmate eligibility criteria and ensure public safety. Eligible Blaine County inmates are charged $175 per week ($25 per day) to be released daily for work and return nightly to the Detention Center. Inmates from other counties who wish to serve their time here if allowed by the sentencing court and accepted by our facility are charged a $245 per week ($35 per day) Work Release Program fee. A link to our Work Release Packet is provided below.

Work Release Packet


Correct Care Solutions provides licensed health care professionals to dispense inmate medications, perform mental health, dental and medical screenings and hold sick call in-house inside our facility. Providing medical care onsite allows deputies to remain in service rather than transporting inmates to and from area medical facilities. Inmates or family members can bring an inmates current medications to the Detention Center for approval by our Medical Department. If verified and approved the medical department staff can dispense current prescriptions for any pre-existing medical conditions. Please be aware inmates are responsible for medical co-payment.


There are several bonding companies that provide inmates the opportunity to bond out of jail. Cash or surety bonds are accepted from any licensed bondsman approved by the Fifth Judicial District. Please note that additional bond fees may apply and are collected by the Jail. For specific answers to your questions, please contact Deputies at the Blaine County Jail at (208)788-5564.

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