Civil FAQ

How do I have legal papers served?

Legal documents are served by our Civil Department. Click below for more information about the services and fees associated with civil processing.

How do I get a Protection Order?

Contact the Court Clerk’s Office to see if you qualify for a civil protection order  (phone 208-788-5521). The court is located in the Blaine County Judicial Building at 201 First Avenue South, Ste. 100 in Hailey, Idaho. Restraining Orders are another issue and require the assistance of an attorney. For more information see

Can the service fee be combined for two people?

All fees are per service and return (two defendants equals two services/returns even if they are at the same address).

When can I expect to receive the money that was awarded me?

If the defendant does not satisfy the judgment you must decide how you will try to collect. If you have a small claims judgment the court should provide you with a pamphlet “Collecting on Your Small Claims Judgment” which provides the necessary information to guide you in executing on the judgment.
Download ‘Collecting On Your Small Claims Judgment’

How can I have the Sheriff's Civil Division serve my legal papers?

Bring or mail the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office: The original and 1 copy (or 2 copies) of non-writ documents
The original and 2 copies (or 3 copies) of writ documents
A letter of instruction specifying the name(s) and address(es)
of the individual(s) or business to be served
The appropriate amount of fees (see fee section above)
In addition: Writs of Execution may require a Claim of Exemption packet and an envelope made out to the defendant’s last known mailing address with appropriate postage.

Does the Sheriff do evictions?

Yes. Bring or mail the original and 1 copy (or 2 copies) of the court order to evict, a Letter of Instruction and the proper fees to the Blaine County Sheriff Civil Division. Eviction fees vary; contact our Civil Administrator to determine the exact amount of fees in your case.

How many attempts does the Civil Division make before they return my papers un-served?

We make at least three (3) attempts on different days and at different times, unless we receive information prior to the third attempt that the party to be served no longer lives/works at the address provided.

Does a Writ issued to enforce a judgment need to be addressed to a specific sheriff's department?

Yes, the writ must be addressed to the county Sheriff that will be enforcing the judgment.

Can the Sheriff's Office guarantee that every civil paper received will be served?

No, for various reasons we cannot guarantee that every civil paper will be served; the person may have moved from the address provided, be out of town or there may not be enough time before a scheduled hearing to locate and properly serve the person.

Can the Sheriff's Office serve my documents if I don't have an address for the person to be served?

No. The Civil Division does not provide investigative services to determine the whereabouts of the person to be served. A home or work physical address for the person to be served must be provided by the party requesting service in the Letter of Instruction.

Contact the Civil Department

Our Civil Administrator Ginger Clement and Civil Deputy Kyle Green are here to help you with your civil processing needs. If you have any questions about our services that are not addressed in the information provided, you may contact us by phone at (208) 788-5563 or email us here. The Civil Division fax number is (208)788-3592.

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