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Fire Season Tips:
As this is the start of fire season we want to remind the public of a few safety tips. If you are in the vicinity of ANY fire, please MAINTAIN SITUATIONAL AWARENESS--it could save your life. If you are in imminent danger, DO NOT WAIT for Evacuation Orders--LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.
If you are in a Pre-Evacuation Notification situation, take precautions to protect your family and pets. This the time to pack and prepare for immediate departure. If the conditions deteriorate you will need to leave immediately. You will not be allowed back in until the danger has passed. Take your family, pets, important medications and critical documents.
Welcome to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office website. Public Safety is our primary concern. If and when we have important messages for our community we will post them here. We hope that the information provided on our website will help you learn more about our office and the wonderful community that we serve. Please feel free to send us your comments or questions.

Blaine County is a full service sheriff’s office providing all aspects of law enforcement: patrol, detention, search and rescue, disaster services, Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT), driver’s licensing, civil processing, DARE/PAL/SRO, marine division, prisoner transport, community service programs, records, and emergency dispatching for the entire Blaine County area.

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In keeping with our collective commitment to consistently earn the public’s confidence,
we expect everyone associated with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office to consistently
do their part to focus their time, talent, and the public’s resources on achieving the “Top Ten Wanted List”:

1. To focus on deputy, employee and public safety as a first priority at all times;

2. To identify and plan for the impacts of our county's growth on the Sheriff's Office;

3. To consistently demonstrate fiscal responsibility through showing taxpayers a high return on the tax dollars entrusted to us;

4. To steadily contribute to the quality of life in our community by involving our citizens in our planning efforts and proactively communicating with citizens on a regular basis;

5. To steadily enhance our relationships, communications, and mutually-beneficial partnerships and programs with residents and visitors, businesses, developers, schools, and with other areas within County government;

6. To contribute to employee satisfaction by creating and maintaining an internal culture that values employee input, personal accountability for producing results at all levels of the organization, and recognition for a job well done;

7. To systematically work toward maintaining adequate, sustainable, dedicated funding for current and future Sheriff's Office operations, equipment and facilities;

8. To enhance public service by recruiting and retaining well qualified, well trained staff;

9. To consistently focus on the highest professional standards of law enforcement, detention, and support services within the resources provided to us;

10. To demand management excellence by utilizing a systematic, results-oriented decision-making and accountability process.

In preparing and managing our budget, we all must demonstrate how our office, divisional section plans, policies, procedures, job descriptions and outreach efforts relate to these objectives.

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In this day of tightening budgets and lowering county revenues, law enforcement around the country are struggling to fund much needed replacements for antiquated infrastructure.... 

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NOW HIRING!  We are seeking qualified law enforcement candidates to be a part of our professional law enforcement team. Please see our Career Opportunity page for more info and current openings.




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