Command Staff

Sheriff Steve M. Harkins

Steve Harkins has 25 years of law enforcement experience; 19 of those have been with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. Harkins started his law enforcement career as a dispatcher with Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Office and was then was hired by the Hailey Police Department as a patrol officer, where he served for 5 years. He joined the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office in 1997 as a detective; a position he held for twelve years.  In 2009, Harkins was promoted to Captain, serving as the Ketchum Police Chief for 5 years, overseeing operations of the police services contract with Blaine County. Harkins served as Chief Deputy of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office for 3 years before being elected sheriff in 2017.

His law enforcement background and training includes:  College of Southern Idaho Law Enforcement, a graduate of the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Command College, Idaho Sheriff Association New Sheriff School and approximately 2000 hours of specialized training. He supervised the Blaine County Narcotics Enforcement Team,(“NET”) for 17 years. Sheriff Harkins holds Advanced, Master, and Management Certificates from the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.

Chief Deputy Will Fruehling

Will Fruehling has 22 years of law enforcement experience, starting his career in 1995 with the Ketchum Police Department as a Patrol Officer. In  1996, he became a Patrol Deputy for the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, serving for over 10 years. During this time he was a Field Training Officer, a member of the Blaine County Drug Task Force (now NET), the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) and a Drug Detection K9 Handler.  In 2001, he was promoted to Sergeant.

In 2005, Fruehling moved to Boise with his family working as an Investigator for the Idaho Department of Correction. In 2009, he was promoted to Chief Investigator of the Special Investigations Unit, where he supervised five statewide divisions:  Internal Affairs Unit, Gang Intelligence Unit, Background Investigations Unit and the Fugitive/Drug Investigations Unit.  In 2017, he was appointed Chief Deputy by Sheriff Harkins. Chief Deputy Fruehling holds a Management Certification from the Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training (POST).

Patrol Captain Curtis Miller 

Patrol Captain Curtis Miller has  24 years in law enforcement; 20 of those with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. Captain Miller started his law enforcement career as a a Certified Reserve Deputy in 1991 with the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado.  Captain Miller has been an integral part of the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) for 20 years and in 2012, Miller was promoted to SERT Commander. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science with a Fire Science Concentration from Colorado State University as well as an Advanced Certificate from Idaho Peace Officer’s Standard and Training. Miller has extensive training in Crash Investigation, Evidence Processing and Management and he oversees sixteen deputies in the County Division of the Sheriff’s Office.


KPD Chief Dave Kassner

Dave Kassner, originally of Two Rivers, Wisconsin, has long been a familiar face around the city of Ketchum. With over 31 years of law enforcement experience, he has served 23 years with the Ketchum Police and 8 years with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. Currently a Captain and assigned as the Ketchum Police Chief, Kassner supervises and manages a staff of thirteen employees.  He holds a Supervisory certificate with the Idaho Peace Officer’s Standard and Training Academy.


Detention Captain Jay Davis 

Detention Captain Jay Davis has 28 years in law enforcement, including 18 years with the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. A graduate of Wood River High School, Davis is also a graduate of the FBI Executive Command College (2010) and the Idaho New Sheriff’s Schools (2008 and 2012). Davis started his career in law enforcement with the Bellevue Marshal’s Office, and later served with the Hailey Police Department and as a sergeant in the BCSO Patrol Division. In 2005, he was appointed as the Administrative Sergeant in charge of managing the civil, records, driver’s services and dispatch divisions. In 2007, Davis was promoted to his current position as the Jail Administrator. Captain Davis is a hostage negotiator for the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) and a member of the Idaho Juvenile Training Council. Responsible for the supervision of both staff and inmates, Davis manages a staff of  25 employees, 10 contract employees, and 4 outside instructors.


Patrol Lt. Bryan Carpita

Patrol Lieutenant Bryan Carpita has 21 years in law enforcement.  A graduate of North Idaho College for Law Enforcement, Carpita started his career as an intern with the Kootenai County Sheriff in 1995.  He came to the Wood River Valley in 1996, working for the Ketchum Police Department, and later for the Hailey Police Department. In 2001, he joined the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. Since Bryan has been with the Sheriff’s Office, he has held the positions of detention deputy, patrol deputy, sergeant, and lieutenant on special assignment as the Bellevue Marshal. Lt. Carpita currently oversees the BCSO Patrol Division, the Detective Division, and is a Team Leader for the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT) and the Commander of Search and Rescue. He has over 2200 hours of specialized law enforcement training.




All Information as of January 2017


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