Hailey Mandatory Evacuation Continues

June 21, 2017

***HAILEY: A MANDATORY EVACUATION  is place in the Della View subdivision Due to flooding. The City of Hailey has closed flood affected roads. Please respect all closures.





***If you live in other flood affected areas we highly recommend you begin preparations now so that you can leave immediately if conditions deteriorate. If you are in danger, DO NOT WAIT for an Evacuation Order.

    Warm Springs Open

    ***WARM SPRINGS: Warm Springs Road is open out to Frenchman’s Bend Hot Springs.  The Road is still closed beyond the Hot Springs as parts of the road have been washed out – this is past the point where the County maintains the roadway.  The Forest Service has been notified.



      Fish Creek Rd. Closure

      May 18, 2017

      Effective Thursday, May 18th at 9:00 a.m. -Fish Creek Road is closed to all traffic in the area of Iron Mine Creek approximately 15 miles up from Highway 93/26 due to flooding.  Please respect and obey all road closure signs for your safety

        Evacuation Terms

        May 11, 2017

        Current flood conditions poses a serious threat to the residents of Blaine County, Idaho. The Blaine County Sheriff is reminding residents of evacuation terms:

        Mandatory Evacuation means the immediate and rapid movement out of the designated area. Mandatory Evacuation is the TIME TO LEAVE, not to pack. Take your pets, medications and important documents and leave now. Once you have left the evacuation zone, you will NOT be allowed to re-enter until the danger has passed. Services to your area may be discontinued during this time and Emergency personnel may not be able to reach you.

        If a Mandatory Evacuation Order is issued in your area every attempt will be made to notify you. If you are in danger, DO NOT WAIT for an evacuation order. Take the initiative to leave immediately.

        Pre-Evacuation is the time to make immediate preparations for the evacuation of family members, belongings and/or animals. Residents receiving a Pre-Evacuation Notification are urged to gather important documents, medications, and essential personal effects so that they will be able to immediately leave should conditions deteriorate to a Mandatory Evacuation. DO NOT WAIT for an Evacuation Order to start your packing and preparations. Be aware power and gas may be discontinued to your area during this time.

        Residents with no means of transportation or who are physically unable to evacuate on their own, should ask a neighbor to assist them or call 911.

          Latest Flooding Info

          May 10, 2017

          Picabo St and Skiway Drive in the Warm Springs area, and Wood River Drive in West Ketchum remain closed to non-residents. Please avoid all flooded areas. Sun 05/10/2017 9:30 am.

          Please remain alert to rising water levels in your area. Keep pets and children away from the river. Never drive into standing water. Report all Flooding to 911.

          Stay tuned for more Public Safety updates.

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