2011 Accomplishments


Jail Earns Third ISA Compliance Certificate:  In December of 2011 the new Blaine County Detention Center was awarded its third consecutive Idaho Jail Standards Compliance Certificate from the Idaho Sheriff’s Association. In our former jail we were in operational compliance for many years but not in facility compliance due to the limitations of the physical building. We are now 1 of 25 Jails in the State of Idaho (out of a total of 37) that are in complete compliance with the Idaho Jail Standards. We work hard to maintain these standards and keep both our staff and our inmates safe and secure.


Emergency Operations Center:  This past year we planned, scheduled and completed an EOC training with the Bureau of Homeland Security and six staff members from the Recorder’s Office, Ketchum Police, and Sheriff Administration. The training was focused on a web EOC software offered by the State which gives all involved a situational awareness of the essential roles in a major EOC situation. We will continue to work with the County Commissioners to update the Counties Emergency Operations Plan.


Transparency:  The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office has worked hard this year to work with all the agencies within the County to make sure that our vision and budget strategies are understood and to receive interdepartmental input on those strategies. Through this transparency we continue to prioritize the efficient and effective use of our resources to ensure our fiscal stability. Our staff has also taken part in interviewing prospective candidates for the new county Human Resources position, and diligently worked with the County Manager, Clerk and Commissioners to fully inform them of the all the departmental changes that have taken place.


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