2010 Accomplishments


Ketchum Contract for LE Services: After several months of meetings and negotiations, we successfully contracted with the City of Ketchum to provide law enforcement services. This important contract, not only enhances the level of service for both the City of Ketchum and Blaine County, but also makes our operation more efficient and cost effective. This contract was an important part of our strategic plan and future goals. Both the City of Ketchum and Blaine County can be proud of the level of cooperation, service and cost savings provided to our citizens through this consolidation.


Blaine County Hostage Negotiation Team: The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office has the only trained and certified Hostage Negotiator in Blaine County. Detective Mark Dalton has successfully completed three levels of training and certification. Dalton has taken the lead to develop in-house training in this area. The Sheriff’s Office goal is to build a qualified team of negotiators, open to trained officers from any Blaine County law enforcement agency. With assistance from the other Blaine County law enforcement departments, it will promote a collaborative team approach and provide local resources for time critical situations.


Blaine County Alcohol Compliance Task Force: The Blaine County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the Hailey Police, the Sun Valley Police, and the Community Drug Coalition to begin conducting regular and ongoing alcohol compliance checks to enforce liquor laws. The State of Idaho provides one compliance officer for over 2000 retail liquor operations statewide. Nationwide the compliance officer ratio is 1:264. Statewide compliance rates vary greatly from below 50% to as high as 90% in areas where regular compliance checks are a common practice. Evidence suggests that serious underage drinking problems exist in Idaho, especially where regular compliance checks are not an ongoing practice, such as Blaine County.  We believe that helping businesses to avoid law violations, such as selling alcohol to underage people, will help mitigate the problems that come with underage drinking. It is easier and less expensive to prevent youth access to alcohol, than to investigate the motor vehicle crashes, deaths, fights, and other crimes that underage drinking promotes. Nearly half of injury motor vehicle crashes involve drivers who had been drinking alcohol. Communities that have reduced the availability of alcohol to underage drinkers have experienced fewer crashes and fewer crimes. Our goal as a task force is to achieve 100% compliance, thus creating a safer environment for our youth.

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