2009 Accomplishments

Inmate Programs

Cognitive Behavioral Change Programs: In July 2009 the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office was awarded $127,500 for a Byrne Recovery Act Grant for inmate programs over three years. The Cognitive Behavioral Change and Re-entry Tools grant is based on implementing a 4 pronged group treatment program to address the common root cause of incarceration: alcohol, drugs, anger management, personal conscience and illiteracy. Our Programs include Drug and Alcohol Education, Anger Management, Moral Recognition Therapy, and Literacy/GED Prep. The primary objectives are to increase pro-social behaviors and re-entry tools to help inmates become stable, employable members of the community. The programs started in October 2009 and are taught by certified instructors. Inmate participation is on a complete volunteer basis and we have waiting lists for each of the classes. These programs are fully funded by the grant and are at no cost to the inmates or the County. We are proud to have the most extensive inmate programming for a county jail in the State of Idaho. Our staff has noticed inmates using the skills learned in these programs on a daily basis to avoid conflicts, make better decisions, read more books and prepare to get their GED. We have noticed that the number of inmate conflicts, fights and problems have decreased since the start of the programs. We are very proud and pleased with the programs that we have created and their success.

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