About Us

Blaine County Sheriff’s Office Mission Statement

The men and women of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office are committed to be a caring and sensitive organization dedicated to the concepts of pabout1ersonal excellence, continuous improvement, teamwork, and service to our community. Therefore we will strive to be part of the community we serve so we can better understand our community’s needs and protect the quality of life we all enjoy. We take pride in our organization, our professional accomplishments, and our abilities. With an open partnership with our community, we will better meet our responsibilities of protecting our citizens.

Employee Value Statement

The men and women of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office are responsible to each other and will always strive to work together to serve the citizens of our county. We will treat each other fairly, in a working environment that rewards and reinforces cooperation at all levels. Positive thinkers who are adaptable to the needs of our organization will be recognized by the department. We are empowered to make suggestions and express our concerns. With management’s commitment to quality training and staff development, we accept the responsibility to contribute by our actions and ideas, to improve to our organization’s effectiveness and efficiency. Our fundamental commitment is to ourselves, our organization, and our customers—the citizens of Blaine County. With these commitments in place, we will positively impact our profession to the highest degree possible.

Vision Statement

It is the vision of the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office to take the leadership role both in law enforcement and corrections in meeting the needs of our community and solving the problems that growth will bring. The needs will focus on these areas: Prevention Programs, Rehabilitative Programs, and Enforcement. An emphasis will be placed on creative ways to bring the community and our office together, working in a cooperative effort to address law enforcement/community problems that arise out of a growing community. Staff development and communication at all levels is imperative if we are to be successful in meeting these needs. An emphasis will be placed at levels for creativity, cost effectiveness in our operation, and efficiency in meeting the demands for service. This vision is dependent upon the communication, cooperation, development, and utilization of all of our staff.

Sheriff Gene D. Ramsey


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