Evacuation Definitions

August 2, 2018
Urgent Notifications

The Sharps Fire poses a serious threat to residents of Blaine County. The Sheriff reminds residents of our evacuation definitions:

PRE-EVACUATION is the time to make Immediate Preparations for the Evacuation of family members, belongings and/or animals. This level indicates there is a significant danger to your area. Gather important documents, medications, and essential personal effects so you will be able to immediately leave should conditions deteriorate. DO NOT WAIT for an Evacuation Order to start your packing and preparations. Power and gas may be discontinued to your area during this time.

VOLUNTARY EVACUATION: You may choose to VOLUNTARILY EVACUATE to avoid the traffic congestion, smoke, and potential danger.

MANDATORY EVACUATION means the Immediate and Rapid Movement out of the Designated Area.
Mandatory Evacuation is the TIME TO LEAVE, not to pack. If you choose to ignore this notification, you must understand that emergency services may not be available to assist you further. Once you have left the evacuation zone, re-entry may be denied until conditions are safe. All services will be discontinued to your area.

**If a Mandatory Evacuation Order is issued in your area every attempt to notify you will be made. Evacuation Notifications are posted on www.blainesheriff.com and the sheriff’s social media. Reverse 911 will be issued.**

Please maintain situational awareness. If you are in danger, DO NOT WAIT for an evacuation order. Take the initiative to leave immediately.

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