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Blaine County is a full service sheriff’s office providing all aspects of law enforcement: patrol, detention, search and rescue, disaster services, Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team (SERT), driver’s licensing, civil processing, marine division, prisoner transport, records, and community service programs for the entire Blaine County area of Idaho.

Public Safety is our priority. If and when we have important messages for our community we will post them here and on social media. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get your emergency information from the source.

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Solar Eclipse Traffic Counts


No, but it’s expected that between 40,000 to 150,000 or more people will be traveling into Blaine County, Idaho. This will challenge our resources so we ask that everyone be as prepared as possible.

Traffic is going to be the biggest problem we will experience in the days and hours leading up to the eclipse. Leave as early as possible, Saturday or Sunday at the very latest. Leaving in the early morning hours of the day of the eclipse could be a very disappointing experience as traffic is expected to be extremely heavy. Car accidents could leave you in a traffic jam for hours.

• Have a full tank of gas and make sure your vehicle is in good working order.
• Make sure your spare has air.
• Have plenty of water, food, sunscreen and medicine.
• Watch yourself, children and others for heat injuries and treat as necessary.
• Keep small children close as there will be a lot of people and moving cars.
• Have a first aid kit.
• If your car overheats you will need water to refill the radiator.
• If you’re taking your pets, ensure they have enough food and water and bring a leash.
• Having a camping toilet with the proper black water bags would be a good idea as toilets will be heavily used or not available along the roads.
• Have your eclipse glasses for everyone you take (welding helmets do not substitute for glasses).
• Pay attention when driving.
• Avoid pulling off the road onto dry grass.
• Don’t take pictures of the sun or partial sun with your cellphone! If you use a camera, ensure you have the correct eclipse lens. The sun may cause damage to your cellphone and camera.
• Plan on your cellphone not working due to cellular traffic. 911 calls will have priority during high traffic times. If you get through, information you should have is the emergency, number and type of injuries by sex/age and location of incident by mile marker or grid coordinate.
• Do not call 911 if it’s not an emergency! These lines will be busy with real emergencies.
• If you’re stuck in traffic there’s a good reason like an accident or just too many people on the road trying to get home. If traffic is not moving and you’re running low on fuel, turn off your car to conserve fuel.

• Carry a fire extinguisher or 5 gallon container of water to put out any brush fires before they get BIG. Engine heat can spark a fire in dry brush as you pull off the roadway.

• If you are going deep into the backcountry tell someone where you intend to be.

With all of that said, make good plans to enjoy this once in a lifetime event! Have fun and stay safe Blaine County!

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